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In 1996, Dr. Keith Eigel and Dr. Karl Kuhnert presented a curriculum experience for a group of faculty at the University of Georgia. They hoped they could facilitate the kind of transformational development that they had seen in effective one-to-one coaching relationships—an expensive process that is usually limited to only the top positions in most organizations. Their goal was to make affordable this same kind of transformational development by scaling it to a group level so it could be pushed down to the upcoming generations of leaders whose influence is real, but who often feel stuck or in over their heads. That original curriculum, through much trial and error and over the ensuing decade, became the underpinning of the work we do at The Leaders Lyceum—an Atlanta based organization serving corporate, nonprofit, and educational leaders in their pursuit of the kind of influence they hope to have.

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Our experiences target emerging leaders or executive level participants whose functional skills have positioned them for success in leadership roles. The Leaders Lyceum strives to help all leaders identify and leverage their real-time/real-world challenges and then create the space, structure, and teaching that allows those challenges to fuel the kind of growth we have presented in The Map—growth that can lead to greater effectiveness in leadership, life, and legacy.

Real growth happens when people have a chance to take what they’ve learned and immediately apply it to their lives. Our flagship program, Elevated Leadership, involves 5 session days that take place on a 6-week interval with 2-week touch points between sessions. Through both large group learning and intentional dialog in Cross Mentoring Groups, we provide the structure and accountability necessary for learning and growth. The program also includes various exercises and assessments to help participants come to a deeper understanding of themselves, both their strengths and their opportunities for growth. This unique approach accelerates Vertical development, resulting in meaningful impact and lasting leader growth.

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As an organization

Organizations that understand the immense value of their leaders and want to invest in their development can send groups of up to 35 people through the Elevated Leadership Experience. We can work with your organization to customize our curriculum to target organizational imperatives where developing leader perspective will drive growth and strengthen succession planning.

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As a team

The Leaders Lyceum Multi-Corporate Experience creates an opportunity for smaller organizations and work groups to nominate up to 7 high potential leaders to participate in the Elevated Leadership Experience, our flagship program traditionally delivered to single corporate clients. The Multi-Corporate Experience is characterized by a level of confidentiality and authenticity not easily replicated in our traditional corporate environments where internal politics can sometimes stifle growth. This is done by intentionally building developmental relationships with several other participants across different industries and functional areas in the Cross Mentoring Groups (CMG).

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As an individual

Individuals who are taking personal ownership over their own growth can also participate in our programs by signing up for a Multi-Corporate Experience. You will have the opportunity to grow alongside people from various industries, leveraging diverse experiences and perspectives.

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